If someone asks us “What are the beliefs at your church?” we need to ask back if they want to “short” answer or the “long” one!

If you want the “long” answer – which is really the more complete one! – we’d be glad to take the time to visit with you personally and share in more depth and detail!

If you want the “short” one – which isn’t really enough but it can at least get the conversation going – we could probably say something like…

We believe that each and every one of us is messed up by sin – and that sin shows up in our lives in all different kinds of ways.  But even more, we believe in a God who loves us more than we can ever imagine and who came to our world in the person of Jesus to rescue us from sin and to show us how to live.  Because of Jesus, sin doesn’t get the last word in our lives – even though it will keep messing us up for as long as we breathe.  God graciously reveals this incredible truth to us in the Bible which is God’s Holy Word.  God invites us into a personal relationship with Him and challenges us to follow Jesus.  To all who respond with faith, God empowers us through the Holy Spirit to more and more live and be the people He created us to be.  With gifts like the Bible, Baptism and Holy Communion – as well as the community of fellow believers – God promises to be with us always.  And whenever we take our last breath, God will be there to usher us into eternity with Him where all pain, suffering, sin and evil will be no more.  Until then, we are called to be disciples who make disciples so that more and more people can come to know Jesus and thereby get back home to God.

Isn’t faith in Jesus AWESOME!!!!  Of course, there is SO MUCH MORE to say – but at least this is a start!

More information…

If you would like to begin a conversation regarding the “long” answer, please answer these few questions and we can get things started or call the church office 920.922.3353.
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